Q: I have been meaning to make something with my T-shirts and have already cut them apart, can you still work with them?
A: Yes!  I absolutely can!  I do this quite often actually.  If all the shirts cannot be cut to the same size, the smaller ones will be attached to a flannel block matching your color selections so that all pieces are of uniform size.

Q: How do I determine what sized quilt to order?            

A: My T-shirt quilts are prices per block/T-shirt SIDE.  Each side (front/back) of the shirt counts as one block.  To determine which quilt size you need to purchase, first count up the shirts you want used; then add in the amount of double-sided shirts you want used.  EXAMPLE: You have 9 T-shirts you want used in your quilt.  3 of the shirts you want both front and back used.  This is a total of 12 blocks (3 x 2 = 6 sides + 6 one-sided shirts).

Q: My T-shirts are different sizes, is that a problem?
A: Not at all!  When a shirt is smaller than the average size of the majority, I cut out the logo/design and attach it to a block made of flannel or the back of a larger T-shirt.  This ensures that all the blocks are the same size.

Q: Are T-shirts the only thing you can make a quilt out of?  What about baby clothes?

A: Nope!  T-shirts are NOT the only thing that can be incorporated into your memory quilt.  There are a number of other clothing items that can be used; however, there are also some items that cannot be used.  The following are lists of commonly asked about items.  If you don’t see an item you have on the list that you would like incorporated into your memory quilt, please ask in the comments below or send me an email at frayedfuzzies@yahoo.com

Items that CAN be used for your memory quilt

  • T-shirts (by far the most popular choice)
  • sweatshirts
  • hoodies
  • sports jerseys
  • baby blankets and receiving blankets
  • onezies

Items that can NOT be used for your memory quilt

  • hats (adult and infant)
  • pants & shorts (not enough material for a block)
  • anything that is knitted or crocheted including: booties, mittens, hats, sweaters, baby blankets (they will unravel)
  • swimsuits or other tops made of stretch/spandex

Q: How many T-shirts do I need for a queen sized quilt?  Or twin?  Or full/double?

A: A queen sized quilt takes 30 adult sized shirts.  A twin takes 20 adult shirts on average, and a full/double takes 25 adult sized shirts.  When child/youth/infant sized shirts & clothing are used, on average the largest size quilt will be a twin, even with 30 pieces.  As the overall size of the quilt is determined by the average size of the T-shirts, the quilt may drape nicely over the sides of your bed, or it may just cover the top.

Q: I want to save on the shipping cost of getting the shirts to you.  Can I cut them apart?
A: Yes you can.  However, if you do choose to cut the shirts to save on shipping I ask that you do it this way:  Lay the shirt out flat.  Cut up the sides and under the arms.  Then cut along the sleeve and shoulder all the way to the collar.  This will leave one full side of the shirt intact.  Please DO NOT cut off sleeves or collars, as that can make your quilt smaller.  Here’s some pictures to help 🙂

Step 1: Lay the shirt out flat

Step 2: Cut along the side of the shirt all the way up through the underarm/bottom of the sleeve

Step 3: starting at the hem of the sleeve, cut along the top of the sleeve and shoulder through the collar (you can follow the seam at the shoulder if you’d like).

You should have two complete sides when they’re all cut apart 🙂


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