Quilt Care

Each and every Frayed Fuzzies rag quilt is cut out by hand and sewn together using my trusty Janome Sewist sewing machine.  With the proper care, they will last for years of snuggly enjoyment!  All quilts have a sewn in label with fiber content and care instructions, as well as instructions on the paper tag they are packaged with.  Here are some general rules & tips for care of your rag quilt:

  • Machine wash in warm or cold water with your regular detergent
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry on medium heat (high can be used for quilts without a fleece/polyester backing)
  • Make sure the lint trap in your dryer is empty BEFORE drying your quilt.  The first couple times you wash it, some stray fibers from the ragged edges may come out, this is perfectly normal and does not damage the quilt in any way–it actually makes it softer & fuzzier!

What is a Rag Quilt?

A rag quilt is sewn with the seams exposed on the top of the quilt, instead of neatly hidden away as in traditional quilting. The exposed seams are then cut to allow the quilt to “rag” or fray. The ragging process makes the quilt softer, and fuzzier with each time through the wash!

In the traditional manner of rag quilting, squares are quilted with an “X”.  My quilts incorporate both this tradition, and also quilting around the shapes of any appliqués that have been added to the quilt top.

Some historians have stated that rag quilts originated when clothing that could no longer be mended, or made into other clothing items, were made into quilts. The quilts were literally made from rags!


Q: Do the frayed/ragged edges pose a choking hazard for infants?

A: No, the frayed edges do not pose a choking hazard.  Wile some fibers may come out with the aggressive agitation of a washing machine, they cannot be pulled out of the stitching of the quilt by an infant.  As recommended with all blankets and similar bedding, infants should NOT sleep with the quilt, and should be supervised by an adult when laying on, or playing with the quilt.

Q: Why do the majority of your quilts not have batting?

A: As all of my quilts are made with a top and bottom layer of 100% cotton flannel, or a top layer of flannel and bottom of plush 100% polyester fleece, no batting is required to make a cozy all-season quilt.  I am more than happy to add batting to any custom quilt upon request!

Q: What detergent do you use to pre-wash the quilts before shipping?

A: I use Free & Clear ALL, which does not have perfumes or dyes.  I do use dryer sheets instead of fabric softener, so if you have a sensitivity to those, I recommend washing your new quilt before use.

Have a question not answered here?  Leave your question in the comments or email me at frayedfuzzies@yahoo.com and I would be more than happy to answer your query!


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