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I'm just trying to find my way through this fun, funky, and sometimes frayed and fuzzy thing we call life! I work in technical theatare (costumes and stage management) and also let my creative craftiness flow through my Etsy shop. I'm a total science geek, and any mash-up with science and art gets my blood pumping! I'm also a trivia nut, so consider yourself warned: random bits of (seemingly) useless information are quite possibly headed

Pause on T-Shirt Quilts


Hello everyone!

My blog, and well, Etsy shop itself have been lying dormant for the past couple of years.  In case you haven’t been following me, this is because I am currently in graduate school, and my studies are my first priority.  Sadly, this means I am not able to offer T-shirt quilts at this time.  While I cannot offer custom work, my Etsy shop is full of snuggly, quilted goodness, as well as fabrics for your own DIY projects, all ready to ship!

Thank you all for your support of my custom work over the years!  I truly appreciate it!  Hopefully when I’m done with school next spring, I will be able to begin offering them again on a limited basis 🙂

Cheers, Mary